Lead water pipes

The Benefits of Lead Water Main Replacement

From the 1970’s onwards the use of lead water pipe have been prohibited across Europe and the human health risks have studied extensively and are generally well understood. The health risks relate to the way lead can build up in the body. Those at particular risk are infants and children because lead can have an adverse impact on mental development. Lead may also be factor in behavioural problems. It is recommended that human exposure to lead is kept to a minimum.

Other Plumbing Services Available

In addition to providing lead pipe replacement throughout Manchester and the surrounding area, we also offer comprehensive plumbing and heating services. From bathroom and wet room installation to boiler replacement and emergency plumbing, we’re here to help.

Do You Have Lead Pipes at Home?

Although water is treated, small amounts of lead and rust can get into your water. Older pipes are also prone to leakage. They are much smaller than the modern plastic pipes can result in poor water pressure. Contact us today for further details and let us help you.

Why Visit Cheshire Lead Water Main Replacement?

  • No more lead contaminated water
  • Improved water pressure
  • No more burst & leaks
  • United utilities approved
  • Professional Experienced Contractor
  • Affordable Rates

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